Title: Mother of the Bride
Actors: Brooke Shields, Miranda Cosgrove, Benjamin Bratt
Director: Mark Waters
Writer: Robin Bernheim
Genre: RomCom
My Rating: ❤️❤️🖤🖤🖤

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Mother of the Bride

Lana’s daughter Emma returns from London with the news she is engaged to RJ and that they are going to marry next month. The whole wedding is paid for and organized by Emma’s sponsors because Emma is an influencer. When Lana arrives at the wedding location in Thailand, she finally meets RJ and his family. And then she meets RJ’s father, who turns out to be one of her exes from when she was younger. Lana is suddenly not very happy with this wedding. RJ’s father, Will, broke her heart and just disappeared and she is afraid the same is going to happen to her daughter Emma.


When I saw this movie on Netflix, I got pretty excited. First of all, I love romantic movies and second, the cast looked pretty great. I mean, this movie has Brooke Shields and Miranda Cosgrove. I think this might be the first time I see Miranda Cosgrove since Icarly. Sure, she is one of the voices in the Despicable Me movies, but I haven’t seen her acting on TV for such a long time. She basically still looks the same as well. She looks amazing.

The thing with romcom movies on Netflix, is they are either really good or they are Hallmark kind of movies. There is a difference. Hallmark movies can be a little bit cringe sometimes. I am okay to watch those kind of movies one time, but I never watch them a second time. And I am afraid to tell you that this movie is a bit cringe.

The setting is very beautiful. The biggest part of the movie takes place in Thailand, so a lot of beautiful nature and beaches. I really like that. It was definitely a beautiful place to get married
As I mentioned, the cast is pretty great. This movie has a few big names, so I was expecting a lot from this movie. So I am a little bit sad it disappointed me.

I don’t think it was the actors’ fault that this movie was a bit cringe sometimes. I personally think the script was pretty weak. One thing I did not like was that Emma was an influencer. No there is nothing wrong with being an influencer, it is just a normal job. But Emma was so focused on making everything perfect for her Instagrammable wedding, that she forgot about everything that was important. She cared more about her sponsorships than the feelings of friends and family. That was the biggest cringe for me. But I am happy she got her wake-up call eventually.

I was also missing the chemistry between all of the actors. There was absolutely no chemistry between the bride and the groom and even between Lana and Will there was barely any chemistry. And chemistry is pretty essential when you are making a rom-com movie. The movie was a bit boring as well. I got distracted by other things like my phone. When a movie is good and grabs my attention, this doesn’t happen. But they also tried to be funny, but instead those moments were super cringe and it was hard to watch it.

I was so disappointed after watching this, After watching this movie, I decided to watch another movie and this time it was a Dutch movie and even that one was better than ‘Mother of the Bride’. Normally I do not like Dutch movies, but they are also pretty cringe-worthy, but I thought it was a lot better than this new Netflix Orginal Movie. Overall, I wouldn’t recommend it. But I am still giving it 2 hearts because of the scenery.

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