Title: Puffin Bay
Author: Annie Dyer
Publisher: Unknown
Genre: Romance
Pages: 316
My Rating: ❤️❤️🖤🖤🖤

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Puffin Bay

A few years ago, Amelie moved from London to Puffin Bay. Now she has great friends, her booming business, and a great life in general. She wanted to buy the building across the street but a businessman (Roman) bought it before Amelie could. And Amelie is not a businessman, especially not when they wear suits in a small town. She is afraid that he only cares about the money and his own business and will ruin this little town she loves so much. Amelie finds Roman extremely annoying. So why does he keep getting under her skin? And worse, why must he be all the things she thought he wasn’t?


I think it is interesting how popular one book can be on social media/Goodreads while you are the one who does not like it. Or sometimes a certain book gets a terrible rating and you absolutely loved it. Everyone is different and everyone has a different taste. I might not like fantasy that much, while others do. And even within a genre there are still books you will like and won’t like.

Puffin Bay has a pretty good rating. Everyone who wrote a review on Goodreads loved the small-town vibes and the chemistry between the characters. Unfortunately, I am not one of those people. I really tried to like this book, but I just did not.

This story takes place in a small town and I do love small-town stories, even though I think I might be more of a city woman. So that was a plus. There is a tight community and everyone is helping each other. I can appreciate that. They even got mad when their community center disappeared.

But like I said I am not one of those people who is in love with this book. Even though I liked the small-town setting, I just did not feel the chemistry between the main characters. Which is obviously super important for a novel. They are supposed to be enemies to lovers because he is a businessman and she is afraid he is going to ruin this small town. But I did not get those vibes either (maybe it is just me??) I mean, she let him work behind the bar for a few hours because there was an emergency. If someone is your enemy, would you really trust this person behind the bar in your own business? I would expect she would rather close the pub instead of letting him do the work.

The characters are okay and I think the characters might be the reason why I did not enjoy this book as others did. Almost 50% of the reviews are 5-star reviews! I think all of the books I really enjoyed reading, were about characters I had something in common with. I had absolutely nothing in common with the characters in this book, so I just did not care. This happens obviously. You can’t like every single person in real life, so it makes sense you won’t like every main character as well. I thought it was kind of weird that Amelie said ‘sugar’ to everyone as if she were an 80-year-old woman. However, I liked how Roman called her ‘salty’ because of that.

I am not sure about her writing style. I think this was hard to judge because I was so not interested in this story, that I did not pay attention. Maybe I am giving another book by Annie Dryer a chance. I always liked to give the author a chance. And who knows if I will like her other books. Maybe I will have something in common with the main characters in her other books.

Overall, I did not like this book. It was just not for me. But a lot of other people seemed to love this one. So if you like small-town vibes and a story about enemies to lovers and single dad tropes, this book might be perfect for you.

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