Title: Damsel
Actors: Millie Bobby Brown, Ray Winstone, Angela Bassett, and more
Director: uan Carlos Fresnadillo
Writer: Dan Mazeau
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Action
Length:  1h and 50min
My Rating:


The royal family is looking for a beautiful woman to marry their son, Prince Henry. They find Elodie and think she will be a great fit. The royal family and Elodie’s father make a deal and Elodie is going to marry the prince. On the day of their wedding, everything looks pretty normal. They have a beautiful wedding, and after that they go to the mountains for a ritual. And just when Elodie gets officially royal blood, everything changes. Prince Henry carries Elodie back, and suddenly he stops and throws her off the mountain, into a cave. Elodie is trying to find her way out of this cave when she realizes she is not alone. There is a dragon who wants to kill her. She soon finds out that she isn’t the first girl/woman who was thrown into this cave. There were others, many others. Why is the royal family doing this?


So I normally don’t watch many fantasy movies. I prefer happy movies like romance/rom-com movies. I just prefer to watch something happy and I don’t think dragons are really my thing to be honest. The reason why I still decided to watch this movie is because it has Millie Bobby Brown in the movie. I loved her in Stranger Things and the Enola Holmes movies.

The movies takes in a beautiful place and the castle of the royal family is very beautiful. Even the cave was pretty interesting besides the dragon. I liked the glowy worms that can heal you in seconds. It just looked pretty. Some parts were extremely dark especially when she had no light to see where she was going.

The acting was pretty good. I see a pattern though. Millie Bobby Brown always plays a girl/woman who is strong and independent. I mean she was a badass girl in Stranger Things, but she was also very independent and amazing as Enola Holmes. I kind of loved how her wedding dress transformed into a badass girl look and I loved her whole look. And I liked she was very smart as well. And I loved the ending, that was super cool.

The other characters were okay, I mean it was hard to judge their acting skills because it is mostly just Millie Bobby Brown. I sort of hoped that Prince Henry (Nick Robinson) would have a bigger role. I sort of hoped he was the one who stood up, regretting his behavior/actions and decided to rescue her. Because there was something in his eyes/face that made me think that he didn’t like how they handled everything and sacrificed young women.

The only problem I had was the length of this movie. I think it could and should have been shorter. This movie was two hours long and I think it was just too long for me. The movie is just about her finding a way out of this cave. Another reason why I am giving this 3/5 hearts is because I realized I am still not into the fantasy genre, at least not when dragons are involved. I still think the movie was okay, but it is not like I would watch the movie again.

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