There are two kinds of people. You have people who love to go out in the evenings or on the weekends and then you have people who prefer to stay home. There is a word for those who prefer to stay home: homebody. Personally, I think I am more of a homebody than someone who leaves her house often, although I push myself to go outside from time to time. These are 10 things every homebody can relate to, so if you are a homebody this blog post is for you. And if you’re not a homebody, maybe it is still fun to read about the things we like to do in our free time.

What is a homebody

A homebody is someone who loves the comfort and coziness of their own home and prefers staying indoors rather than going out. They find solace and joy in the familiar surroundings of their abode and often have a strong preference for quiet, low-key activities over bustling social events.

10 Things Every Homebody Can Relate To

  1. The Joy of Cancelled Plans: Homebodies cherish the rare occasion when plans get canceled, giving them an excuse to stay in with a good book or binge-watch their favorite TV series without any guilt. Sometimes I get very excited when I don’t have any plans for that day anymore. I can really enjoy that feeling.
  2. The Perfect Night In: For homebodies, there’s nothing better than a cozy night in with all their favorite creature comforts – a soft blanket, a warm drink, and perhaps some soothing music in the background. And don’t forget a good book or movie/series.
  3. The Allure of Pajamas All Day: Homebodies understand the irresistible appeal of spending the entire day in pajamas, moving from bed to couch and back again, with no need to change into “real” clothes. Because why would you get dressed if you stay at home all day long?
  4. The Sanctuary of Their Own Space: Homebodies take great pride in creating a space that reflects their personality and brings them comfort. Whether it’s through decor, furniture, or little touches, their home truly is their sanctuary.
  5. The Pleasure of a Well-Stocked Pantry: Homebodies appreciate the convenience of having a pantry stocked with all their favorite snacks and ingredients, ensuring they can whip up a delicious meal or snack at a moment’s notice. I make sure I have enough snacks/food for every kind of craving. Sometimes I crave sugary things, other times I want chocolate and other times I really want carbs and savory foods.
  6. The Comfort of Familiar Routines: Homebodies find comfort and security in their daily routines, whether it’s enjoying a morning cup of coffee in their favorite mug or winding down with a good book before bed. My evening routine always looks the same. I sort of get ready for the night (shower/remove make-up), a comfy outfit, blankets, and a great book.
  7. The Joys of Solo Activities: Homebodies relish in the simple pleasures of solo activities like reading, crafting, or gardening, finding fulfillment and relaxation in moments of solitude. Seriously, I often prefer to do things alone like shopping. I just want to go to the stores, get everything I need, and go home again.
  8. The Dread of Small Talk: Homebodies often cringe at the thought of small talk and social gatherings, preferring meaningful conversations with close friends or family members over superficial chit-chat. Personally, I don’t always struggle with this, although I prefer more meaningful conversations.
  9. The Appeal of Virtual Socializing: While they may not always enjoy large social gatherings, homebodies appreciate the opportunity to connect with friends and loved ones virtually, whether it’s through video calls or messaging apps. First of all, it is easier and you don’t have to leave your home. Although, I totally understand that real-life conversations are better.
  10. The Relief of Coming Home: After a long day out in the world, nothing compares to the feeling of returning to the comfort and familiarity of home. For homebodies, there’s truly no place like home. The thought I can sit on my couch reading a book sounds perfect to me.

    So, if you’re a fellow homebody, take comfort in knowing that you’re not alone in your love for all things cozy and comforting. Embrace your inner homebody and enjoy the simple pleasures that home has to offer!

    Photo by Kinga Howard on Unsplash

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