Recently, I decided to improve my life for several reasons. The biggest reason was that I was feeling so tired during the day that I barely had the energy and motivation to do anything at all during the day. So I knew that had to change. But I also decided to do other things for my (mental) health. I already noticed a big difference in my energy levels and mood. So today I am sharing my non-negotiable daily habits, and maybe I can inspire you to improve your life as well.

My Non-negotiable Daily Habits

  1. No screens after 8/9 PM. The most important thing for me right now was that I wanted and needed more energy during the day. Even on the nights I would fall asleep early, I was still feeling tired. I knew the reason for this: screen time. Every time I watch an episode of something in the evening, I would feel tired the next day. I enjoyed watching an episode of my favorite series in the evening, but I knew it wasn’t good for my sleep. So now, I turn off my screens between 8 and 9 every evening.
  2. Getting enough sleep. This is related to the first one, but I make sure I get enough sleep every single night. I am a different person when I am tired and not in a good way. I prefer the energetic version of myself. I feel amazing when I get enough sleep. I feel more motivated, focused, and happier. So I don’t stay up too late and go to bed around the same time. It’s not always easy, but it is definitely worth it.
  3. Self-care every day. Self-care comes in different ways. Most people think of taking a long bath and using facemasks. But I am also talking about other things, like doing things I want to do. Sometimes that can mean I want to watch a movie, other times this can mean, I want to move my body and dance. Sometimes our days are already filled with things we have to do (even though we don’t want to do them), so it is nice to make some time for yourself.
  4. Exercise. I am not the biggest fan of exercising, especially during the colder months I prefer to stay under a blanket. But I try to move my body as soon as I wake up. Exercising has a lot of benefits because it also releases feel-good hormones. So when I start my day with a little bit of exercise, I feel a lot better. And I don’t even go to the gym and sometimes I am not even going outside. I love the GrowWithJo channel on YouTube and most of the time I use one of her videos for my morning workout.
  5. Drink at least 2 Liter of water. Drinking enough water is so good for you. It helps you to stay energized and focused and it is also good for your skin. For the last couple of weeks or even months, I haven’t been drinking enough. So now I am making sure, I drink enough water. I bring my water bottles everywhere I go, so I can take a sip whenever I want. Usually, I would feel a little bit foggy in the afternoon, but now I don’t really have that anymore.
  6. Focus on the things I want. I am an overthinker and I used to think about the things I don’t want, which is not fun. It made me feel anxious and stressed. Now I changed my mindset and I am now focused on the things I like and want. It makes me a lot happier. It puts me in a good mood no matter what. I am not saying I am the happiest woman alive 24/7, but I know now that I am in control of my thoughts and I can make myself feel better if I want to.

    So these are currently my non-negotiables daily habits. Right now, I am starting to feel like a different person and I love it. These new habits give me more energy during the day and I also feel happier. What are your non-negotiable daily habits?

    Photo by Nguyen Thu Hoai on Unsplash

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