It is December and even though I don’t celebrate Christmas by giving and receiving gifts, I thought it would be nice to make a wishlist. There are a few things I want to buy or get soon and other things on my wishlist are less important, but it would just be nice to have those things. Someone can dream, right? This is my wishlist for December 2023. Let me know in the comment section what’s on your wishlist.

My Wishlist

  1. Sweater. I found this sweater on the Primark website and I just love the color and it looks gorgeous and cozy. I have to check it out very soon. 
  2. Ring light. I like to make videos and take photos, but the thing is that it gets very dark during the winter months. There are just a few hours of daylight. This ring light would be helpful. 
  3. Bed tray table. I think this would be nice for those cozy mornings in bed on a weekend day or when I just want to watch some Netflix in my bed. I don’t have a television, so I always have to watch on my laptop. I can put my laptop on this table.
  4. Chelsea boots. So I am currently looking for new shoes. The last time I bought new shoes was three years ago during the pandemic. I always wear the same pair and I don’t see the point in having too many shoes. But I want to look for new sneakers since my other ones are getting older (after wearing them daily for three years) and I also like to have some Chelsea boots. I used to have a pair like this one and they were fabulous.
  5. Snuddie. Primark has a lot of snuddies and they all look so cozy. The last time I was at the Primark, they did not have snuddies I liked. I want to have something like this snuddie but maybe a different color (black or brown) since gray isn’t my color.
  6. Books. I put one specific book on this wishlist, but to be honest, my book wishlist is very long. I would be very happy with any of those books. I would also be happy with a gift card so I can e-books online.
  7. Samsung Galaxy S23. The most expensive item on my wishlist. I still have the Samsung S8 and it is still working pretty great, but I want to have a phone with a better camera in the future. This is one of the items on my wishlist that I don’t need immediately
  8. Candles. Candles are always nice, especially now it gets dark very early. It gives a little bit of extra coziness.
  9. Electric Kettle. I have one but it needs to be replaced soon. I like this color, but I am also okay if I find one in black or white. I also really like the design of this one. 
  10. Wireless earbuds. I have a headphone and I love it. It is not wireless but it works perfectly and it also keeps my ears warm in the colder months. But I realized it is easier to use earbuds on some occasions. 

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